LOLA DARLING italian luxuty contemporary clothes

The goal of LOLA DARLING is giving the world a different ITALY, elegant precious and genuine.
An Italy of young artisans and craftsmen who work with competence and passion.
Hopefully, with our work to bring a small part of the great beauty around the world peers. (
Through the aesthetic language of clothes and accessories, to promote a new way of understanding the free and independent fashion, made of artistic quality products. In 2016 we started a collaboration with the Italian artist Adolfo Lugli ( for the creation of collections of dresses of Certified Art. So even art enters the world, the paintings down from the walls and traveling in bodies that contain too have become works of art. See more on
Let's have fun together.

If anyone has tips and ideas about this project, please write to us to help us improve even more.
Thank you very much
LOLA DARLING Designer Emanuela Giovanardi